How to use Roku Mobile App to Stream Free Music, Video or Photo

How to use Roku Mobile App to Stream Free Music, Video or Photo

March 31, 2018 0 By bnp

Well, Roku mobile application is a free application for the user, certainly accessible Play Store. Moreover, you can download and install Roku app on your Smartphone. Essentially, Roku Mobile App is utilized to manage your device through your Smartphone but it is only compatible with the Android and iOS. Roku Mobile App has the ability turns your Smartphone to control center. Check your streaming participation in Roku via your tablet or Smartphone with the use of Roku mobile application, which enables you efficiently reach various traits of powerful Roku OS:

  1. Initially, examine utilizing the keyboard or your voice.
  2. Next, utilize your Smartphone as a fully functional remote control.
  3. Forward photos, music, video and much more to your television.
  4. View newest updates on TV programs, movies, and personality you follow.
  5. Find and install free Roku channel from Roku channel store as well as account.

Use Roku Mobile App as a Remote Control:

Roku Mobile App enables you to control your Roku player or Roku streaming stick from your tablet or Smartphone with included remote control. Further, if you will utilize standard Roku remote includes forward/back, play/pause, option and immediate replay button. This application is the virtual keyword for secure entry. Furthermore, Roku mobile application simply accesses and started any installed channel on your Roku streaming device with some swipes and taps.

How to stream music, video or photo on your TV screen with Play on Roku?

  1. First and foremost, open your Roku Mobile App from a suitable tablet or Smartphone.
  2. Next, fire Play on by picking a photo+ icon under the navigation bar at the end of Roku Mobile App.
  3. Under the library prefer videos, music, or videos, what you wish to cast.
  4. If appearing, allow the manage notification Roku Mobile App to stream your content by enabling your Roku App to access your media library.

How do I share my photo with my colleagues from multiple mobiles?

If you want to stream images with your family and colleagues from various Smartphone at the equal time, you must follow the below steps:

  1. At first, confirm that your device or mobile attached to the same network.
  2. If not, then attach the same network and open Roku Mobile App.
  3. From the play on, choose a photo+ icon at the end of the mobile app.
  4. Presently you can share saved images with family and friends by tap and start casting to the TV.
  5. Then play on will automatically start to stream the images in the media library on your TV.

Find your beloved contents on your big TV screen via Roku Mobile App. Steaming can be easy with upgraded Roku app. Apart from it, if you encounter any kind of issue with Roku Mobile App, you must visit support. Surely, here you can get instant solution regarding your issue.