How To Setup and Use Roku Streaming Stick

How To Setup and Use Roku Streaming Stick

March 8, 2018 0 By bnp

If you are thinking to buy a new streaming device, then we prefer Roku streaming stick. Well, the Roku streaming stick is smallest streaming device ever. The users can easily setup Roku streaming stick. Further, you can get HDR quality contents on your big screen through Roku streaming stick. Also, the Roku streaming stick always plays 4k HD picture quality.

Further, this device has various streaming services like NatGeo TV, Netflix, Hulu, CNN Live, HBO Go, starz com, YouTube TV, Nowhere TV and many more. Basically, every Roku streaming box has the same setup procedure. But Roku streaming stick is little different to setup than Roku streaming boxes. So, if you are going to setup the Roku streaming stick, then see the below information.

Is Roku Streaming Stick Work with Any TV?

Yes, Roku streaming stick can work with any smart TV which has HDMI port. However, this stick connects with HDMI port of your TV. So, you can attach this device to your smart TV. If your TV does not support Roku streaming stick, then use HDMI extender cable.

Note: The users can download a quick smart guide to setup Roku streaming stick. However, in case if you find troubles while setting up Roku device, then resolve your troubles by visit support.

Steps to Setup Roku Streaming Stick:

  1. However, connect Roku streaming stick with TV

The users need to unpack the Roku streaming stick. After that, you have to connect this device to your smart TV. Similarly, you have to provide the power source to both devices.

  1. First, choose the language

When you turn your Roku streaming stick, it will come with an option to select a language. Further, choose any language from the list then click on “continue” button. Probably, some channels do not allow contents in your chosen language. So, you cannot change channel language through Roku streaming stick. In this case, you should have to contact channel publisher.

  1. Connect internet connection

Afterward, you need to provide a high-speed internet connection to your Roku streaming stick. Besides, if you want to get best streaming experience then choose faster internet connection.

  • First, go to WI-FI settings
  • Choose your network name from the available
  • Once the network has selected, then enter your password and click “connect” option

You have successfully connected Roku streaming stick with the internet connection.

  1. Download the software

Once your streaming stick has connected to the internet connection, then let it download the latest Roku software. When software downloaded, reboot your Roku streaming player.

  1. Create a Roku account

If you have done previous steps, then create a Roku account. Open a browser on your device and visit site. Simply provide your basic details and take a Roku account to access Roku streaming services. Also, when you have created your Roku account, you need to link it to your Roku device.

Hopefully, above information was helpful steps to setup Roku streaming stick. Explore various latest contents on your big screen TV. The Roku streaming stick is the perfect streaming device or your home. So enjoy your every day with an amazing streaming stick.