Best Streaming Device – Comparison Roku Streaming Stick vs Google Chromecast

Best Streaming Device – Comparison Roku Streaming Stick vs Google Chromecast

May 22, 2018 0 By bnp

Purchase a Roku streaming player and experience its amazing features. With more than 2500 channels like HBO GO, Netflix, Starz com, Showtime anytime, & much more. You can stream anything related to sports, news, movies, music in your living room. The one and main thing of streaming players is its setup and activation. As the setup of all streaming players is very easy, but still, some users face many difficulties during setup or activation process. If you also have any issue related to streaming players then don’t worry. We have an expert team that will provide you full guidance and support.

As you know, Roku is now one of the top streaming players from the various competitive streaming devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google chrome cast and many more. In this article, we will explain you the compare Google Chromecast and Roku Stick. As both are powerful streaming devices but they contain different features from each other that you must know.

Easy Guide for Roku Streaming Stick vs Google Chromecast:

  1. Hardware: –

    Roku streaming stick and Google Chromecast both are same in construction. Both streaming devices are just like dongle which works by connecting to the wireless internet. You just have to connect these two with the HDMI chord and plug into the TV. Both contain USB port also. The main advantage of Roku streaming stick over the Google Chromecast is Roku streaming stick provides various channels which Google Chromecast does not. It provides you limited number of channels.

  2. In terms of remote control: –

    It is very easy to use Roku streaming stick. It comes with navigating remote control which let you control your streaming device. Buttons on remote control includes play/pause, up, down, left, right etc. By using these buttons, you can make your streaming awesome. If we talk about Google Chromecast you will find nothing like this. No dedicated remote comes with its box. In fact, you have to search for particular option or button. Laptop, computer and tablet act as remote control for the Google Chromecast. This is one of the main features of Roku streaming player that enforced you to but Roku products.

  3. Performance:

    Roku streaming stick has well in performance but some little issue you may face that harm its speed and performance. Means to say, during streaming content from the Roku streaming player various third parties shows their ads which you really don’t like. But once you remove this ads you will experience the best streaming content from the all streaming players. If we see the performance in Google chromecast then it also very good in streaming online content. Its bigger issue is hacked up chrome extension. It further creates the problem in dropping of signal which results in poor picture quality.

  4. Processor:

    Let proceed to processors in both streaming devices. Roku streaming stick has quad-core processor whereas Google Chromecast has dual-core processor which actually works very slowly. In addition to it, we also want to tell you about one greater feature of Roku streaming stick i.e. cross channel. This feature is not available in the Google Chromecast.

  5. Searching of content:

    Roku streaming stick has a traditional approach to search channels as well as online content. By using the remote control you can make your search very easy. By following some screen instructions and buttons on remote you will get the content you need. If we talk about Google Chromecast, it still uses less traditional approach which actually not very much easy to understand. Standard user cannot understand the approach of Google Chromecast.

  6. Voice Search Feature:

    Roku streaming stick offers you voice search feature. By this feature, you can search any channel, content just by speaking. You no need to open the list of the channels. For example:  you want to search Netflix on the Roku streaming stick, Just press the “N alphabet” and get the related results. This feature is not available in the Google Chromecast streaming player.

This the main difference between Roku streaming stick and Google Chromecast. For streaming online content you must have to activate both devices. Without their activation, they won’t work. If you feel any trouble during the activation process then take help from our Expert technical team. Our dedicated team will provide you step by steps guidelines for resolving your all issues. You can also take our live technician for clear your doubts or queries. In addition to it, you can also visit our website support. Hope, by reading the above article you must understand that which streaming player you should buy.