Explain Roku Error Codes and How to Resolve Error Code on Roku

Explain Roku Error Codes and How to Resolve Error Code on Roku

May 9, 2018 0 By bnp

While using Roku player, many troubleshooting errors and problems you can face. Issues like During Roku setup, not getting Roku activation link code, Roku buffering, freezing issues and some playback issues. But in addition to theses, there are some more issues that you can face “Roku Error Code”. These Roku errors codes occur due to various reasons. But you no need to get worried about how to resolve them. We will help you to resolve them. Moreover, we have expert Roku technicians they are 24/7 shifts available for Roku users.

First of all, let’s have a look on Roku Error Code.

  1. Roku Error Code 001
  2. Roku Error Code 003
  3. Roku Error Code 005
  4. Roku Error Code 009
  5. Roku Error Code 014

Roku Error Code 001

This Roku error code is basically Roku.com/link activation issues. It is occurs when there is a problem connecting to Roku Server.

  • For this, try to reboot your Roku player.
  • After rebooting process, reset your Roku device from the remote button.

Roku Error Code 003

Basically, this error code occurs when you have connected your Roku player to the internet connection but still it display unable to download the updates. You can also suffer from this error code. But why it occurs in your Roku player. Let’s have a look at the reasons behind its occurrence.

  • It occurs due to “Firewall blocking connection” with Roku update server.
  • If software gets outdated/expires.
  • Issues in Domain Name System (DNS).

If you are also one of them who are suffering from this Roku Error Codes then you are recommended to take contact us our live technician.

Roku Error Code 005

Like other error code, you may also face this Roku error code i.e.005. This Error code generally occurs when:-

  • When the “host is not reachable”.
  • Moreover, when the client is not able to communicate with the Web server.

Roku Error Code 009

This error code occurs when your Roku device is unable to connect to an internet connection. But you don’t have to do anything expect to check out some following point.

  • Try to modify the DNS (Domain Name system) configuration on your modem.
  • Ensure that the internet connection, on which you are working, is active from another device.
  • With this, also check out the advanced router settings.
  1. For this, first of all, revise your router firmware.
  2. Change your wireless stuffed once.
  3. Adjust to ACL/MAC address filtering.
  4. Also, adjust the wireless security mode.
  5. At last, change the DNS server.

If you need any type of help related to this error code then you are recommended to call at our Customer Support Phone Number.

Roku Error Code 014

It is the error code which occurs due to following reasons.

  • Due to the poor signal strength of the internet connection.
  • Because of DHCP features turned OFF in the wireless network.
  • A version of software gets outdated.
  • Similarly, due to “network pings” not accepted.
  • When you enter the wrong password to access the internet connection.
  • Moreover, Router security encryption is not compatible with home TV.
  • Maybe occurred due to unresponsive or frozen TV.
  • Besides, due to MAC address filtering.
  • If number of users using the same wireless network.
  • You may also face sub error code of 014.
  1. 014.20
  2. 014.30
  3. 014.40
  4. 014.41
  5. 014.50

So, whenever you experience these types of error codes then you can take help from us.