Guidance For Activation

Here we have all necessary information related to Roku streaming player. Moreover, we will tell you a helpful guideline to activate account. In addition, you can also see the steps to setup Roku streaming player with your home TV or HDTV. Besides this, you can find Roku streaming stick setup as well as setup Roku TV on your home wall. Apart from this, you can also check out our Roku technical support for all Roku problems. Now we have to move further to activate account or link your streaming device to Roku com link account.

Easy steps to Setup Roku player with

roku setupRoku set up process is the beginning process of Roku streaming player installation. Here you can see the necessary steps of the set up process. This is the imperative part of Roku streaming. So, you need to setup Roku streaming player with HD TV or home TV. Here we are providing the necessary guidelines to setup Roku streaming player. Moreover, our information will able to work with all streaming player. Besides this, you need to purchase Roku streaming player model according to your TV. Roku has some streaming player that work through the HDMI cable. Also, Roku provides some models those are capable to work via composite cable. Now, start to link Roku player to the home TV. Steps are given below.

Roku Connection Setup:

  • Try to make connection between Roku streaming player and your home TV
  • Moreover, Roku streaming player includes HDMI cable with Roku box. So, you can use this HDMI cable for connection
  • Now, you have to insert the first HDMI end into your home TV
  • Further, try to insert the second HDMI end point into Roku streaming player
  • After that, Roku stream player will need the power source
  • You don’t have any need to buy power adapter from outside
  • Simply, use power adapter which is provided by Roku streaming player
  • Insert power adapter into the wall outlet
  • Next step is; turn on Roku streaming player first
  • Once your Roku is turn on, you can see the startup screen
  • The strut screen will be shown with Roku logo

Roku Power Connection:

The power connection is necessary for any electronic device. As you know, Roku is an electronic device. So, here Roku has two methods to use power connection. If you have a Roku TV then no need to make cable connections. Simply switch on the power outlet. In Roku streaming players and Roku streaming stick, use provided power adapter and fix it into the wall outlet to provide the power source.

Roku On-screen Setup:

  • Now you have to perform on-screen setup process to start Roku streaming player
  • First of all, you will see a drop down list for language selection and you have to select a language from the listed language
  • Moreover, language is necessary to give the text input
  • Before all steps, you have to pair your Roku remote with streaming player
  • Now you can confirm your selected language and try to provide a wired or wireless internet connection to your Roku streaming player
  • Roku provides both internet connections such as wired internet connection and wireless internet connection
  • If you have a wired internet connection, the Ethernet cable is necessary to make connection
  • Otherwise, simply choose your provided network connection name for wireless internet
  • Then provide your username of network connection and security password as well
  • You can choose show password option to see your password over there
  • Further, click on “connect” option and get connected to the internet
  • Wait for processing and your Roku automatically update the latest software. So, you need to have some patience
  • Wait for a while to reboot Roku device until restart the device
  • When you Roku device will restart, you can see a startup screen with a unique code over the screen
  • That unique code is called Roku activation code
  • Above steps will help you to setup Roku streaming player at your home. Moreover, you have to activate www Roku com link account to finish the process. So, now find the Roku activation code and go to the Roku com link account activation. Account Activation Steps:

To get Roku activation you must visit or and entering the

  • www roku com link is link which will help you to activate account
  • So, you need to enter Roku activation code on, when you enter Roku code, click on the “submit” button
  • Now this will bring you to a new web-page which includes two options
  • Those not have any Roku account, they have to choose “create a new Roku account” option
  • Provide some necessary information including name, email, phone number and password to create a new account
  • Otherwise, you can select the second option which is sign in, simply sing in with your existing Roku com link account
  • Further, this is necessary to select a PIN method
  • Furthermore, you have to create a Roku transaction PIN and click on “Create PIN” option to create
  • This necessary to secure your purchasing, afterward, your account activation process has been completed. Now you can access Roku channel store.

Moreover, add some channels from the Roku channel store and start streaming with Roku streaming player. Simply click on channel icon and add it to your Roku channel list. Besides this, you can enjoy all Roku apps as well as the games on your big TV screen. Here we are also providing some details of Roku channels as well as apps that you can enjoy. Find out the detail of some popular Roku channels and apps with the activation process. The necessary detail is mentioned below. Scroll down to get full information.

How to use Roku player after activation:

  • Hence, all the setup as well as activation process are completed. Moreover, users should know the process of use. In addition, we are going to show you some steps that will be the perfect guidance for you.
  • Access Roku channel store first
  • You have two option from which you can access Roku channel store
  • Access through Roku com link account or streaming device
  • Find your channels that you want to watch
  • Use search option to save your time
  • Select channel and click on “Add Roku Channel” option
  • Follow the on-screen instruction and complete the process
  • Make sure, your internet connection have good strength
  • Enjoy your streaming

Setup Roku TV at your home:

Roku TV is different from Roku streaming player devices but has same features. Moreover, the main difference is that the setup process is effortless. You don’t have any need to make cable connection in this. Simply connect your Roku TV to the power source and turn on and start using it.

How to use a Roku Streaming Stick?

As you know, Roku streaming stick is different from other Roku models. Therefore, the setup process is also the little bit different from other streaming models. Here, we are proving some steps to setup and use Roku streaming stick.

  • Connect your Roku streaming stick to the power adapter
  • Simply, insert the one side of power adapter into the streaming stick
  • Now try to insert the streaming stick into the HDMI port of your TV from the back side
  • After that, insert power adapter into the wall outlet
  • Kindly turn on your Roku streaming stick
  • Afterward, you have to follow all steps that are used in on-screen setup of Roku streaming player
  • Similarly, follow the activation steps for account activation
  • Start streaming with Roku streaming stick

How to install and use Roku Mobile App?

roku mobile app

Roku mobile app will help you to control Roku streaming player through your mobile device without using the remote control. Moreover, Roku mobile app has all the features of Roku streaming player. If you want the assistance to use the mobile app, take help from the below instruction.

  • Download Roku mobile app for your android or iOS mobile device
  • After that, install mobile app on your mobile phone
  • Once, your Roku mobile app installation is completed, you can open it on your phone
  • Now try to connect mobile app with your streaming device or streaming stick
  • Use keyboard or void for search
  • You can use Roku mobile app as your Roku remote control
  • Moreover, access all your mobile data including photos, video files, audio files on big TV screen
  • In addition, view all latest Roku updates.

Enjoy private listening with the help of Roku Mobile App:

  • You have to install Roku mobile app first
  • Simply open Roku mobile app on your android or iOS mobile phone
  • Now plug in your Roku headphones into the headphone jack
  • Further, adjust the volume according to your need
  • If you don’t want to use headphone, remove it from your phone carefully

Some instruction to use private listening via Roku Mobile App:

  • You will not hear audio from TV when the private listening is activate
  • Use can use private listening only on iOS and Android phones
  • You Roku mobile app and mobile device should be connected to the same network
  • User can use headphone with their Roku remote control
  • Make sure, your remote should be compatible